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Who we are

Birch Abbey is a uniquely special and positive place for those suffering with dementia.

We offer a service that helps people to continue to live their lives to the fullest.

We represent a positive change in dementia; we've got new ideas and strong belief that we can improve the lives of our clients through a mixture of high level expertise and a genuinely caring team.

Our culture and values differ dramatically from what you may find at most dementia centres, we have a much more progressive and balanced vision for the treatment of our clients. For example our services always strive to offer the perfect balance between delivering high quality care and supporting the individual to live as actively and independently as possible. respecting this balance is so important to us, as it allows us to give our clients the best chance of continuing to live their life happily.

Our approach has been very successful and has helped Birch Abbey build up a fantastic reputation for high level expertise and care. we're not going to let success go to our heads through, we're always tweaking and improving our services and our centre to ensure that Birch Abbey continues to deliver the best possible dementia care to our clients.

Getting on with Life

Just because the person has dementia it shouldn't mean they have to stop doing the things they love. At Birch Abbey we do everything we can to make sure that our clients can continue to get on with their life, doing the things that make them happy.

Our philosophy is all about giving people great days by offering more than just care. high level care is only part of the great service that we offer here, we also give people the chance to carry on doing the things they love, helping people to live their lives and enjoy themselves.